Interior Painting

Our painters can help you add style and dimension to your home's interior with custom paint work, trim and molding […]

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Exterior Painting

Our exterior painting efforts can make your home look like new again while also increasing the property value […]

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Deck Refinishing & Staining

Is your deck looking shabby? Let our painter refinish and stain it […]

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An Experienced Painter in New York You Can Trust

Are you looking for a professional and reliable painter in New York you can count on to provide superior quality painting results for your home or business? Since 2008, we at Paint Life Inc. have provided top-quality painting services to residents and businesses in and around Wappingers Falls, NY.

Here at Paint Life Inc., we pride ourselves on providing only the best-quality work that you can buy. Our quality of work is reflected in our 5-star online ratings for customer service, quality, and value. To us, your home is not just another job. It is a project that we treat as if it were our very own, and we make it our mission to provide you only the best work possible.

We offer a variety of great services to get your home or business looking absolutely spectacular, and with our dedication to using only the highest-quality paints such as Sherwin-Williams, you can bet that a paint job by the experts at Paint Life Inc. will stay looking beautiful and new for many years to come!

Your home or business is one of the biggest and most important investments you’ll make, so you should give it the best treatment you can to keep it looking great and going strong for many years to come. And when it comes to your painting needs, the best is none other than Paint Life Inc..

Don’t settle for second best for your painting needs; get the best. Get Paint Life Inc..

interior painting wappingers falls ny

Interior Painting

Consider how much time you’ll spend in your home or business. Probably a lot, right? After all, if you own a business, you might as well live there. And if you own a house, you DO live there, and that means you’ll do much of your day-to-day living in your home: eating, sleeping, bathing, etc. Since you’ll find yourself spending so much of your life in these two places, you should make sure they are beautiful places to be spending that time; and a great way to do so is to get a quality interior coat of paint. A great interior painting job can make your home or business POP with color, making it more beautiful than ever before.

Because of how much time you’ll spend in your house throughout your life, it’s important that your house be just about the most beautiful place in your life. After all, if you’re going to spend so much of your time somewhere, it might as well be somewhere attractive. Besides, wouldn’t you feel a little dour all the time if you spend your life in a dingy, unattractive place?

Pretty much, yes. And to be sure that your home is as far from dingy and unattractive as possible, you need to provide it with a beautiful interior coat of paint. A quality interior painting will make your home POP with color and beauty, making it look beautiful and turning it into a place that you not only need to go back to but also that you’ll WANT to go back to!

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exterior painting wappingers falls ny

Exterior Painting

Maybe you won’t see the outside of your home as much as you’ll see the inside, but it’s still important to maintain a beautiful exterior. After all, EVERYONE is able to see your home’s exterior CONSTANTLY. And if it sports an unsightly old paint job, your home could be sending some pretty unpleasant impressions of you.

Your home stands like a monument to all you’ve accomplished. All of your work, your education, your sweat, tears, and LIFE are summated by the testament to you that is your house. For that reason, you want your home to be something truly beautiful to look at. Your home will make the first impression to anyone passing by or coming to visit, and you want to be sure that impression is a great one! To make the best impression possible, you need to be sure that your home sports an absolutely STUNNING paint job! If your home’s current paint job is a flaking, faded mess, then you need to call the professionals at Paint Life Inc. for a top-quality new exterior coat of paint. The exterior painting work done by our house painters in New York will get your home looking like brand new, helping to to be the best monument to you for many years to come!

To make the best impression of you and your home, call the team of experienced painting contractors at Paint Life Inc.. Quality exterior painting work performed by our professionals will make your old home look like new again! Don’t let your neighbors breathe a sigh of pity for your worn-looking home. Make them “ooh” and “ahh” at its beauty with a great new exterior paint job!

On top of the aesthetic benefits you’ll enjoy, a new exterior coat of paint can also help your home’s well-being. How so? Why, by helping to keep out termites and water damage with its sealing properties, that’s how! Your home should be beautiful, and it should be safe. And with a new exterior coat of paint, that’s exactly what it’ll be!

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deck refinishing wappingers falls ny

Deck Refinishing and Staining

There are a lot of great additions you can make to your home. You can add a bathroom, extend your kitchen, heck: You can even add a whole new section to your home! All of these additions only make your home more beautiful and your life that much more enjoyable. But perhaps the most beautiful and enjoyable addition you can make to your home is a deck. A deck provides you with a mini paradise right at your backdoor while also making your home look gorgeous and increasing its value. However, ourdoor decks begin to wear down over time, and while the wear is inevitable, the years of usage and elemental abuse can leave your deck looking miserable.

To keep your deck looking great and upping your property value for many years to come, call our painters for professional deck refinishing and staining services after the years and weather have worn away the luster of your outdoor deck. If your deck looks like nature’s decked it pretty good, just call Paint Life Inc., and we’ll get it shining like brand new again!

If your deck has lose some of its utopian beauty, don’t resign yourself back to the traffic just to find paradise. Get your paradise back into paradisal shape with a quality deck refinishing that’ll get your deck looking BETTER than new and KEEPING it that way for many years to come! And when you combine a refinishing with a staining to bring out your deck’s natural colors and beauty, you have a recipe for the most beautiful deck around!

Everyone needs a getaway. Don’t let yours get away from you. Just get it back with a deck refinishing and staining.

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pressure washing wappingers falls ny

Pressure Washing

The exterior half of your home gets absolutely no protection from the elements. Whether it’s wet or dry or blazing hot or freezing cold or anything at all, your home can only sit there and take whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

Over time, this natural beat-down combined with general age will wear down your home’s exterior to something pretty decidedly unsightly. And once your home’s exterior becomes unsightly, EVERYONE will be able to see it, giving them a negative impression of your house.

If your house has worn away because of the weather, don’t lose heart. Just get a quality pressure washing with the experts at Paint Life Inc.. With a pressure washing, we’ll knock away years of Mother Nature’s worst attacks on your home, getting it looking beautiful and new once more in no time at all!

Don’t live with a home that’s been roughed up by mother nature. Just have the experts at Paint Life Inc. pressure wash the mess away, making your home look beautiful and new and keeping it looking that way for many years to come!

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molding trim wappingers falls ny

Molding and Trim Work

Molding and trim are two of the most understated ways to add beauty and elegance to any room. But to get the most out of your molding and trim, you need to be sure to have it worked on by only an experienced expert. Otherwise, instead of understated beauty and elegance, you could wind up with a room that BOLDLY looks awful!

Here at Paint Life Inc., we have many years of experience working with molding and trim. For that reason, you can rely on our team of experts to provide you with the best molding and trim work possible.

One way that we guarantee top-quality molding and trim work is by ensuring that you get the cleanest and most beautiful paint job for it. Molding and trim are small, but small does not always equal easy to paint -- at least not in a way that looks great. To get the best paint job for your molding and trim, you need to hire an experienced professional who has the skills and steady hand to get your molding and trim looking great.

And we at Paint Life Inc. are just that expert! Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to your molding and trim. Contact Paint Life Inc. for top-quality molding and trim work!

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cabinet painting wappingers falls ny

Cabinet Painting

Cabinets add beauty to any room, and perhaps the way that they best add that beauty is by concealing things that might take away from it. These things include cleaning products, utensils, and toiletries.

But cabinets can actually begin to take AWAY from a home’s beauty. And how do they do that? Easy: by being used. Specifically, by being used FREQUENTLY. And you’ll certainly use your cabinets frequently. After all, though the things they conceal are unsightly, they are VERY useful. Thus, you’ll handle your cabinets every day, multiple times a day, just to retrieve them.

If your cabinets have begun to look rough over the years, don’t panic. You can still salvage their beauty and, by extension, the beauty they can bring your home! All you have to do is get a professional cabinet painting!

A cabinet painting will restore the look and beauty of even the most frequently handled cabinet out there, making it look like new for years to come! And with beautiful cabinetry comes a beautiful room. Don’t let a well-used cabinet make your place look bad. Just call Paint Life Inc. today for a first-class cabinet painting!

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Why Choose Us?

That we can answer in one word: quality. We put quality into every single job we do, treating each one as though it were the only job we had to do in the world.

We take such pride in our work because the quality of a paint job your home receives directly affects the look and general quality of the house itself. A slapdash paint job done with inferior products and tools will NEVER look good, and in little time, it’ll begin to look even WORSE than it already does as it begins to flake and fade.

You shouldn’t have to live with a sloppy, flaking, fading paint job. You deserve the best there is, and in the Wappingers Falls area, Paint Life Inc. IS the best.

Don’t settle for less than top-quality work. Don’t settle for less than the best. GET the best. Get Paint Life Inc..

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