Chelsea Painting & Pressure Washing Services

house painter chelsea nyPaint Life Inc. is a professional residential and commercial painting company that has been serving the Chelsea, NY area since 2008. Even though painting is something we love to do, we take our work very seriously because we know the high standards of our customers.

If you own property in the area, we know you want your home to look good and to be a pleasing sight to anyone who drives by in the neighborhood. You want your home to shine and stand apart, and adding a new coat of fresh paint will certainly do this. Exterior painting is a great way to make your home beautiful.

Whether it's your commercial property or residential, there's no better way to liven up the look than with the help of our professional painters. We provide a wide range of services including interior and exterior painting, pressure washing, deck staining and finishing, popcorn ceiling removal, cabinet painting, and more.

Give us a call today and tell us what you have in mind to beautify your home or business. We'll come out to assess the project, discuss your needs, and provide a professional estimate.

About Our Interior Home Painting Service

Color makes us feel. It motivates or calms us, it invigorates and excites, it can sadden and depresses, and it can even aggravate or nauseate us. A good painter will know all the techniques, learned through years of experience, and how to utilize them in a way that ensures the success of the project.

Our Chelsae painters have the experience, honesty, and professional capacity to ensure the success of not only the painting project but of our painting company. When you win, we win. Our goal is to make your property look amazing no matter what we do for you.

At Paint Life Inc., we understand everything there is to know about color and the different paint types when it is applied to different surface materials. While one type of surface may result in a different shade or texture, another surface will seem different. We take all aspects of the paint job into account when working on your home. We are experts at bringing in the good feelings you expect and deserve when your home is painted.

Commercial Painting Services In Chelsea

In order to succeed in your Chelsea business, your goal is to represent your service or product in the best light possible. You want your clients and customers to trust that your company knows how to meet the customer's needs and give them what they want.

Painting and surfacing the interior and exterior of your commercial property is an important step to maintaining the appeal of your business. It would behoove any business owner to ensure that the building represents their business in the best way possible. Just give us a call at the number below for your estimate today to learn more about our service and what we can do for you.

Ready To Paint The Exterior?

How your property looks on the exterior represents you as a property owner. Is the paint old and fading? Does it need to be refreshed with a new color? Does the trim or wood on the exterior need a little repair? If so, Paint Life Inc. can fix all that for you. We take great care in providing the superior results that our customers expect.

We understand that when our work is done, the quality of what we leave behind will represent our customer. We know that you care a great deal about how your home or building appears to your customers or family and friends. That’s why we strive so hard to provide you with only the best service possible.

It's time to tackle that exterior paint job you've been putting off and get the type of results that last. Call us today and ask about the paints we use, our techniques, and how the exterior painting process will go. We would love to answer all your questions!

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