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popcorn ceiling removal wappingers falls nyLooking for popcorn ceiling removal solutions in the Wappingers Falls area of New York? Popcorn ceilings are one of those things that you can find in many, many houses here in the U.S. This is unfortunate since, by many people’s admission, popcorn ceiling isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing ceiling option there is out there. So you aren't alone in the search for ways to remove popcorn ceiling texture. Popcorn ceilings are a pain for many reasons.

For one thing, popcorn ceilings are a challenge to paint. With its bumpy, uneven surface that flakes if you so much as look at it wrong, a popcorn ceiling won’t exactly take very kindly to a paint roller. And if you think you’d like to get your home painted a different shade, top to bottom, you might just have to settle for bottom because top might not be worth the effort.

For another thing, if you have to replace a section of a popcorn ceiling, you might as well replace the whole thing because it is very difficult to replace just a section of popcorn ceiling -- at least with results that you like looking at.

If you are the kind of homeowner who wants to be able to paint and repair their ceiling without any problems, just get your popcorn ceiling removed by an experienced professional painter in New York, such as the folks at Paint Life Inc.!

Remove Potential Asbestos

Popcorn ceilings might not be gorgeous in many people’s eyes, and it might be a pain when it comes to renovating your home; but worse than both of those qualities put together is that, in some older houses (1980 and earlier) in New York, popcorn ceiling can contain traces of asbestos!

You might like the look of a popcorn ceiling, and you might completely hate it. Maybe you’re indifferent to it. One thing you WON’T be indifferent to, though, is asbestos: You’ll hate it. You’ll hate the negative health effects it can have. Don’t let those effects affect you. Just call the expert painting contractors at Paint Life Inc. for a thorough popcorn ceiling removal that’ll get that popcorn ceiling and any asbestos it could contain right out of your home and life.

Call Our Painters Today & Say “GOODBYE” To Popcorn Ceiling and Its Headaches

Don’t live with a ceiling that you can’t work with. And CERTAINLY don’t live with traces of asbestos in your home. Just call Paint Life Inc. today. We’ll remove your popcorn ceiling and replace it with one that looks infinitely better. Call today to learn more about this and our many other painting services.

For quality popcorn ceiling removal services in Wappingers Falls and the surrounding areas of New York, please call the painters at Paint Life Inc. at 845-418-5793 or complete our online request form.

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